Your Contract Manufacturing Partner...

To accommodate the rapidly increasing market demand, Novatronix does business directly with cable assembly manufacturers to make custom length and custom wired cables and interconnects for your assemblies. We can provide you with

  • Molded & Over-Molded cable assembly & cable marking
  • Ribbon and Computer Cables
  • RF Coaxial Cables
  • Fiber Optic Cables
  • Semi Rigid / Microwave Cable systems
  • Electromagnetic interface (EMI) shielded cables

We can procure and assemble custom connectors for all types of applications including AMP, Tyco, Molex, Hirose, JST, Schleuniger, Deutsch, Delphi, and Packard components. We also procure wire leads & wire sets, harnesses, adapters, phase trimmers and other components to meet your special application requirements.

Government & Military Cables

We also procure rugged flexible microwave frequency coaxial cable and custom cable assemblies for military & aerospace applications. These cables & connectors meet MIL-STD requirements for extreme environmental situations and are highly durable, dependable, and rugged with high signal integrity for virtually any aviation, space, and military defense application. Our assemblies include:

  • Single Mode & Multi Mode Tactical Fiber Optics Cable Assemblies (TFOCA)
  • Tactical Fiber Optic Links (TFOL)
  • COTS Multimode Connectors
  • SC, ST, LC & FC connectors
  • MTRJ Connectors
  • Biconic Connectors
  • Patch cords