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Novatronix utilizes leading-edge manufacturing technologies to offer integrated turnkey solutions along with cosigned and kitted assemblies. We provide advanced PCB assembly solutions at our US-based manufacturing facility and continue to make significant investments in order to obtain the latest equipment. Our multiple assembly lines perform densely populated high-mix component placement with quickness, accuracy, and little to no fallout. Our sophisticated high-speed equipment employs SPC and real-time product tracking, ensuring the manufacturing efficiency that results in on-time delivery. We also have overseas global production capabilities to meet your manufacturing needs.

  • - Automated PTH Assembly
  • - Fine Pitch SMT Assembly
  • - BGA Assembly
  • - Mixed Technology Assembly
  • - Selective Soldering
  • - Lead-Free & RoHS Assembly

  • - Cable Assembly
  • - In Circuit Testing
  • - Functional Testing
  • - Conformal Coating/Potting
  • - Box Build Assembly
  • - System Integration

SMT Placement Equipment

Our Juki KE2060 component placement systems offer the latest technology, giving us accuracy and reliability in bare board component placement. Ranging from package sizes as small as 01005 to as large as 150mm, we have a wide range of component and board handling options not available elsewhere. Its high-precision vision centering and laser alignment system gives it the ability to place components with a 0.001" accuracy at a rate of 12,500 components per hour.

  • Performs high mix assemblies at high speeds
  • Continuous production and short batch capability
  • Great accuracy and flexibility
  • Fast setups and changeovers
  • Places components as small as 01005
  • Places BGA's and Micro BGA's
  • Capable of placing 12,500 components per hour

Selective Solder

The KISS-103 automated selective soldering machine designed to solder connectors and through hole parts without disturbing nearby SMT components. This equipment overcomes the limitations of operator-dependent soldering while significantly increasing the solder joint quality, coupling high throughput with precise process controls.

  • Selectively solders Through-Hole components
  • Significantly superior to hand soldering
  • Provides a consistently excellent solder wave shape
  • Accuracy of +/- 0.002"
  • Eliminates icicles and solder bridges
  • Process up to 18" x 48" PCB panel size
  • Tin/Lead and RoHS compatible
  • Capable of handling fine-pitch gold plated QFP's

Automated Optical Inspection

Our advanced AOI machine (YesTech F1) inspects solder-joints and verifies correct part assembly, enabling us to increase throughput while maintaining a high level of quality. Its two top-down viewing cameras and four side viewing cameras offer high-speed PCB inspection and exceptional defect coverage. It is equally effective for bare PCB, past, pre/post-reflow, and final assembly inspection giving us a full, complete inspection solution. Our AOI machine checks that all components are positioned in their correct locations, and also checks for quality defects such as incorrect skew, tombstoning, bent leads, lifted pads, and solder bridging on components with package sizes as small as 0201 and 01005.

  • Inspect electronic and sealed assemblies.
  • Solder Defects
  • Lead Defects
  • Component Presence & Position
  • Correct Part Placement
  • Correct Polarity
  • Through Hole & SMT Parts
  • Paste

X-Ray Inspection

The high-resolution Scienscope X-Ray allows complete inspection of critical hidden features and solder joints unerneath SMT and semiconductor packages as well as components under radio frequency (RF) shields. Its image processing technology integrates several techniques and inspection algorithms to provide complete inspection coverage, effective for complex boards populated with BGA's, column grid arrays (CGAs), chip-scale packages (CSPs), and other advanced packages. It also detects insufficient solder, voiding, shorts, and opens in areas that are not visible.

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  • Inspect electronic and sealed assemblies.
  • Process up to 18" x 20" PCB panel size.
  • Inspects visible and hidden solder-joints.
  • Detects BGA shorts, voids, position, and missing balls
  • Inspects component packages as small as 0201 and 01005
  • Flip Chip inspection